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RFK Racine Camp Positions

There are many ways that you can get involved in the Royal Family KIDS Camp Racine and we would be delighted to have you volunteer your time and talents for the benefit of our campers.

Camp Counselors

Our camp counselors have the unique privilege of devoting one week of their lives to loving and affirming two campers who may never have experienced this kind of positive attention from an adult willing to spend all of their time with them, willing to play with them, willing to do things with them and willing to listen to them. As a camp counselor you will receive 8-12 hours of training to better equip you to relate to children who come from hard places. All counselors must submit an application, have a background check completed and be interview by our camp’s advisory board. Counselors must be 18 years old.

Other Camp Staff

We have multiple staff positions at camp including a camp grandpa and grandma, a camp aunt and uncle, a nurse, a social worker, photographers, a videographer, a breakfast club coordinator, a program director, dean of men , dean of women, activities director and activities assistants, an expeditor, music and drama people, a fisherman and others. All those interested in a staff position must submit an application, have a background check completed, be interviewed and complete 8-12 hours of training.

Teen Helpers

We welcome the enthusiasm and energy of our teen helpers. Teen helpers must be 16 years old, willing to serve others and be submissive to authority. They may work in the area of music and drama, help with the program and special events, assist with activity centers around camp. They are not allowed to relieve counselors or to have direct responsibility for campers. To be a teen helper, you need to submit an application, have a background check completed and be interviewed. You will also need to complete 8-12 hours of mandatory training.

Prayer Partners

Our prayer partners are among the most important of all our volunteers because you work on our behalf in the spiritual realm to bring down obstacles that would impede our camp’s success and you pray into our camp the blessings, strength love and stamina we need.

Mighty Ones

This is a volunteer position which requires manual strength and a few hours of time on three different days: the Friday before camp, the Friday at camp and the Monday after camp. It is during these times that we need strong energetic volunteers to remove our camp stuff from storage and load it into a truck to go to camp on the Friday prior to camp. On the Friday at camp, the stuff is packed up and loaded back on the truck to be transported back to storage. On Monday, the truck is unloaded and the camp stuff is returned to storage.

The following are the dates and time for help with truck:

Friday June 21, 2019  8:30 am — 10:30 am

Sunday June 23, 2019 at camp 2:45 pm — 4:00 pm

Friday June 28, 2019 at camp 11:30 am — back to Racine 1 Hour travel, unload, finish 4;00 pm

Monday July 2, 2019 Merchants Delivery 8:30  am — 9:45 am

Birthday Party Buddies

This is a volunteer position on the day of our Everybody’s Birthday Party. Birthday Party Buddies come out to camp and wrap the camper’s presents and decorate the dining hall for the party. Wednesday June 26,2019

Thank You…

for helping the neglected, abused and abandoned children of Racine County enjoy a week of unconditional love and acceptance. Your gift of time, talent or money can help change the lives of these hurting children from hard places. No donation of time or financial support is too small to make a big difference.